If your company holds a formal review process for its employees, you may have heard your staff members complaining or worrying about their upcoming evaluations. Meeting with a supervisor or manager specifically to discuss what you are doing right and wrong at work can be very nerve-racking. However, as the person in charge, you may not have to experience this process as formally or frequently. You are expected to take feedback from your team and try to look closely at how you perform on your own. We have a quick quiz to help out with some of the questions you may want to ask yourself about your management style!

  1. When an employee emails you with an issue, you typically:
      a. Ignore the email and see if he can come up with a solution on his own.
      b. Email back immediately with exact instructions to fix the problem or ask him to report to you.
      c. Email back with a couple of ideas about solutions and ask his opinion. Then let him know your door is open if he wants to discuss.
  2. When a member of your team asks to talk about needing time off during a very busy week or month, you respond with:
      a. Nothing. You are not sure how to accommodate her request, so you put it off.
      b. A short email asking her to come to your office. She should know better than to ask for days off at this time and you need to let her know there is no possible way to accommodate her.
      c. An email that asks her to join you to discuss her request since it is a busy time but that reassures her that you will try to accommodate her if you can.
  3. When a member of your team asks to meet with you for guidance on a project he is completing, you usually:
      a. Get back to him hours or days later. You are a little busy, so he will understand.
      b. Tell him you have exactly 15 minutes to meet at only one certain time today or tomorrow. Your day is full, and he will have to be available when you are.
      c. Email back with a few times when you are available to meet, and ask if one of those works. If not, ask him to provide a few times over the next few hours or days when you may discuss.
  4. When you pass one of your team members in the hall or on your way out of the office, you:
      a. Look busy or pick up your phone. Small talk can be so awkward!
      b. Ask how that big project is coming. The team is on a tight schedule, and she needs to know it is very important.
      c. Smile and ask her how her day is going or whether she has weekend plans.
  5. How do you handle your staff meetings?
      a. They are sort of boring. You try to let others talk and present so that you can listen and observe more.
      b. Quickly and hurriedly. There is no time to waste and you can't spend all of your valuable hours meeting with the team, so you go through all points on the list and ask for quick questions at the end.
      c. Efficiently, but thoroughly. You want to cover everyone's questions and concerns as they come, but not spend too much time shooting the breeze. Everyone gets to talk, and you supervise.

How did you answer the above questions? Read on for some insight into what your answers mean about your managerial style.

Mostly As: You are the manager who hides a bit and worries whether or not you will be able to help your employees. It is okay to be cautious, but you may be too quiet and uninvolved. Go ahead and take more of a leadership stance, and don't forget to address all of your team's questions.

Mostly Bs: You are the manager who is hard to reach and can be less than helpful at times. You may sometimes jump to conclusions about your team members' intentions and abilities. Make sure to give them some credit, and try to be there for them more. And relax a little!

Mostly Cs: You are the manager who allows your team members to speak and have their own ideas but also supervises and steps in when needed. Your team does not walk all over you, but you are not overbearing. Nobody is perfect, but if you have C characteristics, you are probably on the right track to being an effective manager!

Readers: Will you share with us your results?